Thursday, August 26


Cut to the Chase, 2009

To all those who gave me birthday wishes yesterday, thank you. You will be pleased to know I went to bed a very drunk man.

Today I threw some new stuff up on my flickr page, and some of you might remember the Damaged Goods series which is now up there as well in its entirety. please feel free to comment...

Romeocomplex on Flickr

Monday, August 23


grave area

Here is a shot of Allen from our weekend excursion to the cemetery and the river. I have been trying to get out and shoot more spontaneously. So much of my work is studio produced are specific shots that I envision beforehand, part of my development is knowing more about natural lighting situations, being faster on the camera, and becoming more adventurous with studio lighting, luckily for me, Allen has some skills in those areas, I can foresee this being a very beneficial friendship.

I’ve been feeling like I am going against the current. Everything has been a struggle. Like they say, when it rains it pours. Its usually the case this time of year. Work has been hard on the nerves, just because the sleep schedule has been very wacky. Some days I have to be up at 4am to drive two hours and other days I get to sleep until 9. As much as I enjoy being behind a camera, and the legitimate excuse to call my self a photographer, it still isn’t the ideal situation. I am actively looking for work elsewhere however…

Spent the weekend spending time at really hip photo store in paradise. I had to bring my D60 body there for some minor repairs but it gave me a change to geek out over all the cool photo gear that I cant afford. Tiana came with me and humored me as I drooled over new lenses and medium format bodies. I did end up buying some new vivitar strobe filters that I think I can DIY into some cool gels to go over my bower flash, I also looked at projectors and mini flashes. I ended up spending more than I wanted, but I think I made out like a bandit. I also finally got the prints back from the studio for my portfolio. Some of the color correction was off, but most of the images turned out great. It means that I finally have something that I can take in to show galleries.

Speaking of galleries, I have been working with a local place, and there seems to be some great reception of my work, which is great! However, the process has been dragging on for quite sometime now, and I really want to finalize all the fine details. Right now, things seem to loose, and I want to make sure this is going to happen. Keep your fingers crossed…

…I am not someone who effectively uses the internet. I kinda poke around but don’t actively find cool things. But I have recently gotten into using stumbleupon, which totally rules. If you haven’t started using it you are missing out. On a recent stumble binge I came across photographer Janine Gordon. Her mosh pit series portrays male testosterone in a particularly dynamic way. As a man who grew up loving other men, and being somewhat of a hardcore kid myself, its fascinating seeing someone photograph the male form with the care and sentiment that I feel for the hardcore scene and the boys who helped shape my own values and passion. Her images evoke an unabashed male identity, one that is not self conscious, or commercial but viscerally real and powerful. There is also a really good article by the blog homoneurotic, (for my straight readers, don’t be scared of the website, it wont bite) that covers Janine’s creative process as well as her illustrious rap carrier, definitely worth a look.

Todd, Vermont - 2009

In connection with my own work, the image of Todd (above) made me think about my own relationships with the men in my life. Often shortlived, as this shoot with Todd was, they drift in and out of my life, facing my lens in often a very conservative way, almost like a catalog. Is there more to these relationships, and furthermore where does the hesitation lie, with the artist or the subject?

Tuesday, August 3



I once had someone very close to me say I was a rucksack wanderer. That always stuck with me. It is true I have been to many places both far and wide. From Jungles and Deserts to mountains and cities. I have been lucky to see what I have seen. This was all on my mind today as I drove around lost in the foothills of butte county. While driving my siblings to Sacramento the other week, I noticed how I loved the golden fields around hwy 99, in particular the power lines sprawling out along the landscape. I made note of it and drove out there today to shoot, and think, and realize that I need some serious repairs to my camera body.

It was a hot one, about 110 degrees today, which is a bummer since I have no AC in my car. Not to mention, I haven’t gotten paid so I was nudging a little closer to the e than I would like, but I felt a twinge of reckless abandon and headed for the hills. I really do love some of the sprawling vistas out that way. Unfortunately I certainly didn’t dress the part, in cutoffs where the brush is thorny and full of pests. But I did get some good shots, and now I know the area a little better after getting lost (a rare occurrence for me). I began thinking about the road, how I have traveled on it. There exist a great tradition of great American road photography, documenting the quirky little towns and beautiful nature mostly shot by younger grad students on the heels of graduation and a need to participate in the adventure of reckless abandon. But there do not seem to be many people who celebrate the road itself. The images I want to make deal with the road themselves. The thing that actually gets us from here to there, the thing that our oil consuming culture is built quite literally upon, The thing that I have traveled below my feet for almost a decade now. The road has many faces, I want to make images that highlight this unsung hero. This might be a next project of mine, I have already started with the poles, I think they are an extension of this road idea. Now, I just need to get some capital…

Self Aug 2010

I also noticed today that there is something for sure wrong with my D60 body. It’s the only working body I currently have, curses to Duncan, who lost my manual Nikon (that stuff is not cheap)! I spent the morning cleaning lenses and filters before going out, and upon review of a few of the higher aperture settings, I am getting some grime on the prints. They aren’t terrible, but hey are a nuisance to wisp away with Photoshop, also a waste of time. I need to take the body in to be serviced, since it never has been in the 3 years I’ve had it, and it has definitely had some rough and tumble moments (DNC anyone)? But really what I want is a new body, a D300 would be nice, and maybe a gorilla grip tripod, my birthday is right around the corner…

I start shooting schools on my own on Thursday; I hope the kids don’t eat me alive.